Sanctions 53 enterprises that import and produce poor quality fertilizers

Fertilizer prices have doubled in just 1.5 years, beyond the tolerance of farmers, so many people buy cheap fertilizers without paying attention to the brand and quality. This has become a "delicious bait" for nefarious traders, the business situation of bad and poor quality fertilizers has become alarming in recent times...
The Plant Protection Department (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) has just issued Notice No. 503/BVTV-TTPC, announcing the sanction of 92 enterprises and business households that import, produce and trade fertilizers, poor quality pesticides.
"92 enterprises and business households commit violations in the field of fertilizers, including:  44 enterprises importing fertilizers of poor quality; 9 enterprises producing poor quality fertilizers;  Detecting 6 fertilizer trading establishments. fertilizer does not meet quality, 3 fertilizer business households violated the labeling content, discovered 1 enterprise failed to announce the regulation conformity for fertilizer products.