NUVISRAEL operates in the field of High-Tech Agriculture in Vietnam, specializes in supplying agricultural products from Israel - the leading country in the field of agriculture in the world, with the motto "FROM SEEDS TO PROFIT".

NUVISRAEL Company is currently the only company in Vietnam to act as the exclusive agent for 6 seed companies in Israel.

Besides, NUVISRAEL also acts as an agricultural consultant for farmers who want to access and apply Israeli technology.

In the future, NUVISRAEL plans to import agricultural products such as organic fertilizers, biological products, products that automatically control and manage the amount of fertilizer and water... NUVISRAEL wishes to make a small contribution to the agricultural sector. Vietnamese industry develops towards modernization.

NUVISRAEL will also cooperate with universities and agricultural research institutes to test and research new varieties and products suitable to Vietnam's conditions.

Nowadays, The global market is expanding, people are increasingly easily connected with business partners across five continents. Facing that opportunity is the challenge of finding good quality, reliable suppliers and minimizing the cost of purchases. 

Vietnam, or emerging Asian countries, is a potential region in supplying commodities such as agricultural products, garments, plastics because of the cheap price, quality is improving. In addition, weaknesses in sale, connectivity, lack of synchronous export processes are weaknesses of these countries.

 Understanding that need, Nuvisrael was established with the mission of trade representative for Vietnamese companies and some Asian companies in the international market. With the motto "From products to profits", by the strength of linking the network of suppliers, OEM/ ODM manufacturers, local logistics, and the understanding of business culture, laws, taxes of countries, we bring customers the best Price experience at the time of purchase, convenience in transportation and trust in transactions"


Organizational chart

1. Boards of Directors 
2. Administration and Human resources department: 

  • Financial Accounting 
  • Human resources

3. Export- import department 

  • Sale & Marketing 
  • Logistic 
  • Documentation 
  • Customer service

4. Supplier Relationship Department 

  • Purchasing officer
  • Product quality inspection
  • Network supplier development 


  • Receiving customer requests 
  • Design, Up ideas, select suppliers "Best price, highest quality,
    lowest import tax in the customer's country"  
  • Negotiating and signing contracts
  • Sample production 
  • Sample evaluation 
  • Ordering  
  • Mass production 
  • Delivery