Vietnam Organic Farm Joint Stock Company Cooperates With Nuvisrael In Production

A working day of Nuvisrael Company and Organic Farm Vietnam Organic Farm in Phu Thanh, Lac Thuy, Hoa Binh.

Operating since 2016, with quite good and complete infrastructure. Organic Farm is oriented to provide the market with high-class fruit and vegetable products, meeting safety standards and outstanding quality to consumers.

After visiting high-tech farming models from neighboring localities such as Ha Nam, Phu Tho ... Realized the superiority of product quality and economic efficiency from Nuvisrael seed products. Hoa Binh Organic Farm has decided to invest in animal husbandry according to the Israeli standard model from irrigation system, seed to farming process from Nuvisrael.



At Organic Farm, Nuvisrael's team of engineers met and exchanged directly from production conditions, carefully surveying farming methods including physical conditions and human factors of the farm.

Understanding the difficulties in accessing knowledge resources, methodical processes for each type of crop, Nuvisrael engineers have consulted a synchronous solution, meeting the strict needs of customers and market standards. including: Plant varieties, seasons, plants, technical process of care, nutrition, watering regime, plant protection, agricultural materials, closely monitor the growth and development of plants. Plants, diseases that can occur on plants, care techniques, nutrition in the production process according to each growth stage of the crop, ensuring maximum yield and quality High quality crops and economic efficiency as the motto "From seed to profit" that Nuvisrael aims to, build product brands, connect and promote products to the market.