The Israeli ambassador revealed a "magic wand" that helps farmers turn dead soil into fields of tomatoes and date palm

The forum was chaired by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in collaboration with the Central Vietnam Farmers' Association and assigned Rural Today/Dan Viet Newspaper to organize on the morning of December 2.

Israeli Ambassador Nadav Eshcar shared with the audience about the circular triangle model in the agricultural industry in Israel

"Israeli farmers also face a lot of difficulties, they have difficulty not only with water but also with knowledge of crops, and many other problems. Our scientists are on a mission to help. surname.

With their needs, they will pose questions to the scientist. After finding a solution, researchers will transfer it to companies in the agricultural industry. Companies will provide solutions to farmers, and farmers will benefit from the application of those achievements. Companies will contribute back to the Government by paying taxes, then the Government will continue to fund research institutes."

Origin: Dan Viet newspaper: